• How long will it take to receive my certification?

    Your certification will be available immediately after you pass the exam. You'll also receive an email with a copy of your certification.

  • Is online training an approved way to get a certification?

    Yes. Training online is not only an approved way to earn your certification but, a more efficient way altogether. We've certified tens of thousands of clients online. Our clients range from nurses, dentists, physicians, chiropractors, teachers, foster parents, industrial workers, healthcare professionals’, and many others.

  • What if I fail the exam?

    No worries. You can retake the exam as many times as possible and there is no time-limit on passing the exam. Students receive up to 365 days to complete and pass their exam.

  • What happens when I pass or fail the exam?

    If you do not achieve a passing score on the exam, you will be able to reset the test. After this, you will have immediate access to retake the exam. Exam retakes are unlimited until successful completion, at no additional charge.

  • Can I take this exam for my initial certification?

    Yes. Our course is designed for anyone who requires BLS, CPR, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens Certification, and can be taken to achieve your initial certification. Our course was designed entirely by practicing Board Certified Physicians. Available training material covers all necessary topics, and you are granted unlimited exam retakes.

  • What are your courses based on?

    All of our courses are based on the latest ILCOR Standards and Guidelines. In addition, all of our courses meet the same guidelines and standards as the AHA, ARC, ECC and OSHA.

  • Can you tell me about accreditation?

    When it comes to CPR certification, most people don’t realize that there is no singular, national accrediting agency for training and certification. This means that at NationalCPR, we uphold the same standards and quality of CPR training as the Red Cross and similar providers, while offering you the most convenient and user-friendly courses. Our CPR and healthcare courses are accepted by multiple agencies across the country and follow the guidelines set by the American Heart Association.